N6GQ/4K9Z at 4K7Z

N6GQ Jeff is operating from 4K7Z Club Station in All Asian DX Contest (CW) using his Azerbaijan Callsign 4K9Z

4J8VHF, 4K5D, 4K9Z and 4J7WMF

4J9Y, 4K5D, 4K9Z and 4J7WMF

WH6H at 4K7Z

Stuart WH6H visited our Radio Club Station 4K7Z on 18-May-14


diplom ot veteranov

This award is issued to 4K7Z for the big community role in the development of the young generation

Michiel Buurman PD0RQX, 4K0RQX


This is our friend Michiel in the center of the photo. His call sign is PD0RQX. This year he has arrived in Baku already second time. We hope that much soon you will hear his new call sign from Baku - 4K0RQX. In his last arrival Michiel has presented our radio club KENWOOD VHF radio. This radio was presented us from Holland Maritime Police. For that special thanks to his father - Hendrik Buurman (PA3HCV). Additionally we already about year use his personal computer for working RTTY, PSK31 and others digital modes.

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